1.The nurse is performing a respiratory assessment on her client…

QuestionAnswered step-by-step1.The nurse is performing a respiratory assessment on her client…1.The nurse is performing a respiratory assessment on her client and hears an abnormal sound in the lower posterior lobe of the right lung on inspiration that sounds like a fine snap and popping sounds. She recognizes this adventitious sound of which of the following?Apnea CracklesWheezing Rhonchi 2. A client diagnosed with flu asks why he was not given an antibiotic. What is the best response by the nurse? Flue is a viral illness. So, antibiotics will not helpAntibiotics are only given for flu A Antibiotics are only helpful if started within 48hurs of the onset of the symptoms I will speak to the provider about this 3. 1 cup = _____ ounces?56784. A medication orders states, administer digoxin 0.5 mg PO stat. Available is digoxin 0/25mg/tab. How many tabs doe the nurse administer (answer whole number) 2 tablets 3 tablets4 tablets5 tablets 5. Which of the following devices can help clients with asthma monitor their symptoms at home? Incentive spirometer Nasal cannula Peak flow meter Pulse oximeter  6. Which adventitious sound indicates an airway obstruction? StridorFriction rubCrackles Wheezing 7. A client has nail polish on their fingernails and toenail. Which of the following locations would be the best place to apply the pulse oximeter probe?ForeheadFinger EarlobeToe8. Which client below is at risk for atelectasis?A client with hip replacement who is ambulating A client with tonsillectomy who report pain with swallowing A client with asthma exacerbation A client who had a chest surgery and report pain of 8/10 9. The nurse is getting client ready for a chest computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan with contrast. What is the priority data to collect for this client?Is the client able to sit up straight?Has the client has a CAT scan in the past Is the client allergic to shellfish?Is the client claustrophobic 10. A client is recovering from a laryngoscopy. The client asks when he can have something to eat. What is the best repose from the nurse? You can eat in 2 hours You can eat when the gag reflex returns You can eat when your cough reflex return  11. Acute bronchitis is usually caused by which of the following?VirusesFungi Bacteria Smoking 12. When managing the care of clients with conditions such as emphysema the nurse should recognize which of the following fact as being most important? Lungs stretch receptors may fail to monitor the patterns of breathing The drive to breath may be dependent on low levels of oxygen in the blood Reparatory rate may be increased a significant part of the time 13. Which of the following is a common side effect of albuterol?Rapid heartbeat Heartburn Nausea Itching 14.  The LPN is performing data collection on a client who has limited mobility because of bilateral femur fracturs. The client reports sudden onset of painful respiration and shortness of breath. Which the following is the priority action of the nurse to take?Place the client on a 100% non-rebreather mask and call for help Lie the client flat and keep calm Increased the IV fluids 15. Which of the following is the common cause of pulmonary edema? Pneumonia Left ventricular Asthma Chronic bronchitis  16. A nurse is discussing diagnostic tests with the parents of a child who is suspected of having cystic fibrosis. Which diagnostic test can the nurse anticipate the child will need?Sputum Culture Sweat chloride test Stool fat content analysis Pulmonary function test 17. A client tells the nurse. “I don’t want to get the flu shot because I heard it can give you the flue”. Which below is the response by the nurse? There are no side-effects associated which the flue vaccine at all The flu vaccine is 100% effective at preventing the flu, so if I were you, I would get it It is rare but possible to get the flu from the flu vaccine You may get mild aches and pains, but you will not get the flu from the vaccine 18. A client comes to the clinic saying that he is having an asthma attack. Which adventitious breath sound should the nurse expect to hear? Stridor Crackles Friction rub Wheezing19. What is the cause of cystic fibrosis? Asbestos Breathing fumes Smoking Genetic20. Which of the following actions is not associated with transmission of influenza? Sharing a beverage with an infected person Contact with an infected person Contact with the virus on inanimate objects Going out in the cold with no hat  21. A client with COPD tried to quit smoking but failed. What is the most appropriate next action by the nurse? (Select all that apply)Encourage the client to try again Do nothing the client already has significant lung damage Explain to the client that they are at risk of death Suggest the client use vaping products instead 22. A client with a know DVT reports a sudden onset of dyspnea. What is the priority action in this situation? Conduct a full head to tore assessment Contact the provider Administer oxygen Reposition the client 23. A 72-year-old female client is about to be discharged home after being in the hospital for 3 days with bronchitis. Which of the following should be included in her discharge teaching? Only rest once or twice per day for short naps Limit fluid intake Avoid respiratory irritants, large crowds, and people who are coughing Taking all you medication until you feel better 24. Which client below should receive the pneumococcal vaccine? 60-year-old recovering from the flu 25-year-old with cystic fibrosis 48-year-old to be admitted for a cardiac-catheterization 55-year-old healthy female 25. The nurse is aware that coarse crackles, sonorous and sibilant wheezes, pleural friction rub and stridor are examples of which type of breath sounds Bronchovesicular AdventitiousBronchial  26. A medication order states, administer furosemide oral solution 20 mg PO stat. Available is furosemide 40mg/5 oral solution. How man mL should the nurse administer? Record answer to the nearest tenth. Use leading zero if applies. Do not use a trailing zero. Do not label you answer.2.53.540227. A client needs IV fluids. The order reads infuse 0.9% NS 1000 MLs over 4 hours. How many mLs/hours should be given? Round answer to the nearest whole number. Do not use a trailing zero. Do not label your answer.25035012013528. Which of the following clients are at the risk for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) Select all that apply. A client with sepsis who is mechanically ventilated A client who has been recently diagnosed with tuberculosis A client with an asthma exacerbation A client with pneumonia being as an outpatient 29. A client weights 109 lb. What is the client’s weight in kg? Record answer to the nearest tenth. Do not use a trailing zero. Do not label you answer. 49.550.130.920.8  30. Which of the following measures should the nurse take when caring for a client with TB in acute care facility. Place in the room closest to the nurse’s station Instruct the client to always wear a surgical mask Wear an N95 mask Follow contact precautions with this client 31. A newly admitted client has an audible expiratory wheeze. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this? Pneumonia Congestive heart failure Sinusitis Asthma32.  A client with active tuberculosis tells the nurse that he has not been taking h is prescribed medication. What is the next appropriate action of the nurse?Place the client in contact isolation Notify the client provide immediately Explore the client’s reason for not taking the medication Notify the department of health 33. A client with active tuberculosis will be admitted to a medical-surgical floor. What should the nurse do before she arrives? Place gown and gloves outside the room Place surgical masks outside the room Call the maintenance to check the negative -pressure room Alert security that no one can visit the client 34. Why is early detection of tuberculosis important? Select all that apply. The client will have fewer complications Early detection makes treatment more effective The client will experience less side-effects from the medication The period of disability will be shorter for the client 35. The nurse is performing a focused respiratory assessment on a client with an asthma exacerbation. What would the nurse expect to hear? Rhonchi Crackles Stridor Wheezes36. Which of the following are signs and symptoms of sinusitis? Purulent nasal drainage, epistaxis Epistaxis, nasal stuffinessTenderness over the sinuses, tooth painClean nasal drainage, tenderness over the sinuses 37. Which of the following should be removed from the food tray of a client who had a tonsillectomy?Apple juice Ice cream Plastic straw 38. What is the universal signal for choking The thumbs down sign Hands waving Hands grasping the throat Hands in the air 39. which of the following is the most common cause of COPD?SmokingRepeated respiratory infection Genetic Alcohol abuse 40. A client has been diagnosed with strep pharyngitis and given antibiotics by the provider. The client asks when she will no lover be contagious. What is the best response by the nurse? You will no long be contagious when you have finished the antibiotics You will no long be contagious when you symptoms are gone You will longer be contagious after 24 hours on antibiotics You will no long be contagious after 48 hours an antibiotics41. The nurse has received a report from the off-going shift. Which of the following clients would have the highest priority? A client who is requesting pain medication A client who is short of breath A client with a temperature of 101.4f A client whose IV antibiotic does is due 42. A client on the medical-surgical unit begins having difficulty breathing the day after admission. A chest X-ray is ordered, and the client is diagnosed with pneumonia. Which of the following correctly identifies this type of pneumonia? Ventilator associated pneumonia Healthcare associated pneumonia Hospital acquired pneumonia Community-acquired pneumonia 43. 1 teaspoon= ___mL?568344. Which of the following conditions is most likely to result in a barrel-shaped chest? Influenza Tuberculosis Pneumonia COPD 45. The LPN is changing the ties around a tracheostomy tube. What is the priority action of the nurse? Pre-treat the client with 100% oxygen Have the client hold his/her breath until the procedure is completed Hold the tracheostomy tube in place at all times Place a nasal cannula on the client while changing the tube 46. The nurse caring for a client who just came to the floor after having a tonsillectomy. Which symptom below requires immediate intervention? Frequent swallowing Fatigue Sore throat Pain with swallowing 47. Which of the following should not be given to a client with a recent tonsillectomy? Select all that apply. A pudding Orange juice Jell-O ToastHot tea48. The nurse places their stethoscope over the anterior third of the chest near the sternum and hears breath sounds that inspiration and exploration of equal duration. What type of breath sounds in the nurse hearing?Vesicular Tracheal vesicular Bronchial Bronchovesicular 49. A client with primary pulmonary hypertension tells the nurse, “It is so unfair that I got this disease I am so depressed”. What is the most appropriate response by the nurse? Tell m more about your feelings I will speak to you doctor about ordering you something for depression 50. Which of the following is not a symptom of throat cancer?Sore throat for mor than 2 weeks Difficulty swallowing Enlarged cervical lymph nodes Nasal pain51. A client comes to urgent care with a family member who reports that the client is having an asthma attack. On auscultation, the nurse hears absent breath sounds. Which of the following actions should the nurse do next? Start CPR Alert the provider immediately Tell the client to puff his inhaler Lie the client down and keep calm 52. Client in the medical-surgical units asks the nurse why he must get enoxaparin injections what is the best response by the nurse? Enoxaparin is given to prevent blood clots until you are more active Enoxaparin can be given as needed, so you can stop taking it if you want Enoxaparin can be given as needed your red blood cells while healing Enoxaparin is given to prevent hospital-acquired pneumonia 53. The client reports having thick and sticky sputum, what is the best action the nurse can take help thin the secretions?Ambulate more often Use the incentive spirometer Drink more fluids Cough and deep breath  54. Which of the following is not a treatment for epistaxis?Direct pressure Resting quietly Tilting the head back Ice packs 55. Which of the following statements is not true about healthcare-associated pneumonia? It lengthens the hospital stay for the client It increases the cost of healthcare It is relatively easy to treat It can be prevented by vigilant nursing and respiratory care56. Which factors make elderly clients more susceptible to respiratory complications? Select all that apply. Muscle atrophyDecreased ciliary action Decreased cough reflex Senile pneumothorax 57. Untreated step pharyngitis can lead to which of the following? Airway obstruction Pneumonia GlomerulonephritisThroat cancer 58. Which of the following is a known cause of asthma? Genetics Vitamin deficiency Cold weather Allergens 59. The major risk factor for cancer of the larynx is which of the following? Hot liquids Tonsillectomy Recurrent strep infectionSmoking60. Which statement is true about the purified protein derivative (PPD) test for tuberculosis (TB)?It is not useful in screening clients who have been exposed to TB It is administered via the intramuscular route It helps distinguish between active and latent disease It is used to scree health care workers 61. If medication for primary pulmonary hypertension falls, what is the nest option for the client? Heart transplantation Lung transplantationThere is no further treatment Lung reduction surgery   Health ScienceScienceNursingPRN 1032LLShare Question

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