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Advanced Business Writing Class 

Annotated Bibliography

Locate five sources highly relevant to your proposed topic and with professional credibility. At least one of the sources must be from a peer-reviewed journal, and at least one other source from a UMUC library database. Give full bibliographic citation for each of the five sources in correct APA-style, and follow each citation with a one-paragraph summary of its contents. At the top of the Annotated Bibliography should be a one-paragraph summary of your topic so that readers can evaluate the relevance of your sources to your topic.

Consult both your text and the Purdue OWL.

Annotated Bibliography Samples:

Hi Agneta, I have attached the same as before for you to reference, as well as what I submitted.  Thanks!


*I also need for this :

Please watch the following short video from UMUC?s Information and Library Services unit on how to write an annotated bibliography:

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

Now apply what you have learned to a research source that you will be including in your Annotated Bibliography this week. Here’s how:

1. List the article in APA format, as the UMUC tutorial video describes.

2. Write a 100 word annotation of the article in which you not only summarize the article but also evaluate its usefulness for your research report assignment.

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