Answer the following 5 questions. Part 2 will need to be done after part 1 has been submitted

Print-out this assignment (greyscale is fine), write your answers on it by hand, then scan it or photograph it with your SmartPhone. (OR: If you know how to seamlessly upload this into your own software and not do it by hand, then do that, OR: similarly upload it into your touch-screen tablet or iPad, or whatever?But whatever way, make sure to write your name in your own hand, even if you have to do so clumsily with your cursor.) NAME: LARSA HANOUKA

For question #2 LABEL this diagram

On the bottom (designated by the “X’s”):

Granitic “Basement Rock” (~100 million year old rock) <– you can write “~100 m.y.”

Layer Cake” of younger Sedimentary Rocks atop the crystalline basement (from top to bottom):

Pomerado Formation * (~45 million years)

Mission Valley Formation (~45 million years)

Stadium Conglomerate * (~45 million years)

Friars Formation (~45 million years)

* these layers both include the rounded cobbles known as “Poway Clasts” (make sure to note this when labeling your Handout)

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