Can someone take my PHI208 quiz? 10 questions??

its 10 questions, and 3 free retries. I would give you the information to log in to my school website, it is the only way it will work, i am desperate!! PLEASE!!


Complete the quiz on the assigned readings and media for the week. In order to complete this quiz, you must read and watch the required resources from this week before and while you are attempting the quiz. You have up to three attempts to complete this quiz. However, the system does not take your best score. Instead, it only counts your most recent attempt. That means that if you are happy with your score you should not attempt the quiz again as it might result in a lower score.

Here is a list of the specific resources that will be covered in the quiz. 

Required Text

  1. Understanding Philosophy
    1. Chapter 6: Traditional Theories of Ethics
      Read the following sections:
      • Relativism
      • Moral Relativism
      • Extreme Relativism
      • Problems with Relativism
      • Reformer?s Dilemma
      • Remembering What We Agree On
      • Euthanasia
    2. Chapter 6 Readings
      • Active and Passive Euthanasia by: James Rachels


  1. Midgley, M. (1983). Heart and mind: The varieties of moral experience. London, GBR: Methuen & Co Ltd. Retrieved from the ebrary database.
    • Read ?Trying Out One?s New Sword? (pp. 69-75) from this book.
  2. Plato. (n.d.). Gyges? ring. In The Republic.


  1. Kass, L. R. (1991, Aug. 9). Why doctors must not kill. Commonweal, 118(14), 472-476. Retrieved from the ProQuest databse.


  1. palliummja. (2011, March 19). Dying for care ? quality palliative & end of life care in Canada (English subtitles/captions) [Video file]. Retrieved from
  2. relievesuffering. (2012, Feb. 8). Right to die, assisted suicide, euthanasia part 1 5 [Video file]. Retrieved from

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