Complete 4 Short Discussions Due


the three profiles on Einstein, Bly, and Vitz in Chapter 1 of Becoming a Critical Thinker. Apply and elaborate on three of the concepts you learned in Chapter 1 (one to each profile). What were the lessons you learned from reviewing these three profiles? Why is it important to check facts and test opinions? Of these three profiles, who do you admire the most and why?


This week you have learned about experimental design and the important role it plays in quality management. Thinking about your current workplace, how could experimental design be used to improve the product or service provided to your customers? If you are not currently employed, you may use a previous employer or a fictional company.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 150 words


This week, we are looking at Social Responsibility and Ethics. You will check out some examples of issues addressed by the FTC, and their relevancy in the marketplace.

Visit What is the main purpose of the FTC? Look at the last 2 months of press releases on the website. After reviewing these releases, what seems to be the most prevalent ethical and social responsibility issues? Choose one complaint that focuses on social responsibility and explain what you would have done different as a marketing professional. Where do you believe the company went wrong with their actions? How impactful was this problem to consumers? What was the resolution?


Personality is an outcome of our socialization process. Take the Personality Inventoryand see your results. What do you think? Are personality and socialization connected?

How much are you like and not like your family, parents, siblings?

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