Complete Short Business Discussion 2- (BRAY)

1.List three labor cost-savings activities that you believe would be most effective for your current employer or a job you have worked previously. Be sure to provide details specific to your job and clarify what your job title and tasks were. Give rational for each of the labor cost-savings activities.

*Please note that any copied answers not in your own words will result in a zero on this assignment.

I also encourage you to engage in meaningful conversation about this topic with your classmates, so feel free to follow up to to their responses.

2.Apple and Oracle were aggressively buying back their own stock in 2018. What are the situations when this practice is recommended or especially beneficial?

3.Women now make up 53 percent of the work force in Latin and South America. Do some research to determine how that percentage compares with other parts of the world. What are the implications for those companies doing business globally?

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