Conducting Content Analysis

The reputation of a destination can match (or not) the visual material that promotes it. But since a destination is marketed not only by its destination marketing organization but also by each tour operator selling it, promotional communication becomes challenging. So in fact there seems to be little control over a destination?s marketing.

You are going to perform a content analysis of a destination of your choice and analyze how your destination?s promotional image material compares among four sources.Below is the suggestion on how to approach this assignment.

1. You can, for example, analyze the DMO?s desired image and compare it with three tour operators selling the destination as well and conclude how these match. Then you give suggestions on how these (non-)matching images can be better coordinated.

2 Or you can compare four social media sources and analyze how these portray the destination differently, why and what that means for a destination?s image.

3. Another option is taking four different promotional expressions from the same promotion campaign, for example one promo video, one website, one tour operator and one social media channel (all part of the same campaign),and analyze the online image by comparing the image material of all four sources. You see, the choice for your sources depends on your objective. You can be creative here. As long as the comparison and choice of sources make logical sense. Describe this well.

Sources can be: promotional video, brochures, destination websites, tour operator websites, social media channels, news paper articles, travel guide books, TV travel programs, promotion campaigns, etc, etc.

Steps of conducting the content analysis

1. Introduce the topic and destination, use course literature, explain what is content analysis and how to perform one.

2. Perform the content analysis. Quantify concepts, group them in themes, etc.

3. Draw conclusions from the analysis and give recommendations accordingly. It depends on your objective and research design to whom the recommendations are directed.

I attached here an example of extensive Content Analysis ( we dont have to do that extensive , but it is recommended to follow their approach to the analysis ) , also the ppt of the lecture on Content Analysis ).

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