?Corporate Social Responsibility enviromental defense fund mcdonalds polystyrene

Corporate Social Responsibility? (250 words total for both parts a and b)

  1. In the text (p. 206, e-text; p. 207, print copy), t, the authors refer to partnerships between the Environmental Defense Fund and corporations including McDonald?s. In 1990, McDonald?s agreed to phase out polystyrene packaging for burgers. Did this manifest a reactive style of stakeholder management or an interactive style? (See chapter 2, ?Stages in the Business-Stakeholder Relationship,? pp. 36-37, for descriptions of these styles.)
  2. Note this recent development: https://www.thedailymeal.com/mcdonalds-ditching-polystyrene-cups-paper Why did McDonald?s switch to paper to wrap burgers in 1990 and cease to use Styrofoam cups in 2014? Does this constitute reactive or interactive stakeholder management?

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