Critical Literature Essay?


This is an English literature critical essay task on nineteenth-century themes, and Victorianism (2000 words) and a (500 words) essay plan:

Essay Question: Compare and contrast the ways in which TWO TEXTS studied on the unit explore nineteenth-century concerns about class,capitalism and the marketplace. Your answer should pay attention to the generic conventions of the genre(s) you discuss.

The answer should refer to two texts studied during the unit exploring the similarities of the critical debates class,capitalism and the marketplace. Please do also pay attention to the period of the texts when writing as it stated in the question (generic conventions of the genres )

Essay Plan: (500 words) The plan should clearly indicate the structure of the essay (aim for at least 4 or 5 sub-headings). You could include references to, or short quotes from, particular passages, scenes, chapters or poems, and/or quotes from critical sources. (Samples attached)

Critical Essay (2000 words): You are advised to use the same question as the essay plan. You must refer to at least TWO texts, where a text is a novel, play, poem or short story studied on this unit. You can choose to write on two texts from different genres, e.g. a poem and a novel.


You must include a bibliography consisting of 6-8 secondary sources. (MHRA Referencing Style with footnotes and bibliography)


Texts and Poems of the unit: (Best suited for the task)

1- Goblin Market (Poem) by Christina Rossetti. Can be discussed for the marketplace and food debate. You can also analyse the poems techniques and devices in some areas.

2- Elizabeth Gaskell’s , North and South. Can be discussed for class, mid victorian period, and the victorian marketplace debate

3- Imperialism in Robert Louis Stevenson’s, The Beach of Falesa. Can be discussed for class, colonialism, and Capitalism

Choose two texts from the recommended above. (Preferably Goblin Market and one novel). Those in my opinion the best suited to the essay question. I can send the full list of texts and poems if needed.


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