Dance Appreciation / Rave Review 3

General Instructions

Each Rave Reviews assignment requires the student to consider the course content from that particular module, synthesize that information into a research theme, and then find one current event that responds to that theme and link the content of the current event to it in a brief paragraph (150-200 words). Your current event may come from any professional news source – online magazines, newspapers, and TV news segments are all potential sources to find a great current event. Try to keep it ?current? so do not use anything older than 2015 and make sure it?s available online so that the link can be shared.

Rave Review 3 Topic

Select a current event (do not use anything older than 2015) on any of the topics covered in Module 3. It is recommended that you use an article that covers an event related to ballet.


For example, in Module 3 we learn about ballet – the student?s research question/statement and current event would stem from that content:

Research theme: Ballet?s eurocentric roots are tied to contemporary challenges with racial equality.
Current event title: Is Classical Ballet Ready to Embrace Flesh-Tone Tights
Current event link: Dance Magazine (Links to an external site.)

Date of current event: October 16, 2018
Paragraph: A brief 150-200 word paragraph that links the content of the chosen current event to the student?s theme of interest.

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