explain a cause-and?effect relationship, homework help

Using the topics you generated in Lesson1.3, write an essay in which you explain a cause-and ?effect relationship. Your can refer to the model essay on page 206 as a guide. Include these elements in your essay:

  • a thesis statement in which you clearly identify the cause-and-effect relationship you will explore
  • an effective and logical method of organization
  • well-chosen, relevant supporting evidence and examples that suit your audience and purpose, cited and referenced in APA format
  • transitions that smoothly and clearly connect your ideas
  • error-free grammar, including correct pronoun-antecedent agreement

(Hurricane: Causes and Effects
Everyone dreads the hurricane season. When that time of year comes around, we all lock down and get ready for the harsh winds and power outages. The 2004 season started out with a bang. Large parts of the coast were torn apart as storms rolled in, one after another.
Hurricanes form when weather patterns of different temperatures run into each other and start spinning. When a cold front out in the ocean, moving in one direction, comes in contact with a warm front moving in the opposite direction, winds start. These winds start moving in circular motions. As they spin, they pick up speed. These large areas of fast-moving winds generate tornadoes that pull water up into the storm. Hurricanes have high winds with tornadoes and carry large amounts of water.
When it starts, the storm is classified as a tropical depression. As it becomes stronger, it is called a tropical storm. If the wind speeds get high enough, the tropical storm is categorized as a hurricane.
When the storm hits land, it dumps all its water, and that is when it becomes the most destructive. Some of the water soaks into the ground, but often there is more water than the land can absorb. As a result, the water quickly runs off to lower areas. These run-offs are called flash floods. Flash floods can wash away land and possessions or destroy them by filling them with water. At the same time, hurricane winds can blow over trees and power lines. With the power out, repairs are hard to make quickly. This means power can be out for a week or lon- ger. Hurricanes also bring lightning, which can cause fires in trees or houses.
During the late summer and fall of 2004, the state of Florida was hit by four major hurricanes: Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. Each hurricane caused so much damage that it could not be repaired before the next storm hit. The damage was so bad that President Bush asked Congress for 7.1 billion dollars for repairs in Florida. Many people had to board up stores and wait in line for electric genera- tors. In addition, relief workers were sent down to Florida to help deliver meals, water, and ice.
The hurricane season of 2004 was more intense than previous years. This is said to be from warm temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean and a decrease in wind shear. We hope that in the future we will better be able to predict and prepare for these hurricanes.
Causes of Hurricanes
Effects of Hurricanes: Damage to Property
Effects of Hurricanes: Damage to Business
These storms not only caused trouble for the insurance companies, but also
affected the citrus and tourism industries. The citrus growers “)
(Shrimpton 206)

Shrimpton, Dolores, Anthony Giangrasso, Ashworth School. Prentice Hall: Literature Grade 10, Part 1, Common Core Edition. Pearson Custom Publishing. VitalBook file.

The citation provided is a guideline. Please check each citation for accuracy before use.

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