Final Project Submission: Presentation and Speaker Notes

final project in this course is the creation of a presentation and
speaker notes, in which you will need to imagine that you are relocating
from your current location to a new region of the globe. Your audience
for this presentation will be your friends and family. Your goal is to
show them that you have thought through your relocation to a new global
geographic region and that you have learned about the area to which you
are relocating. Your presentation should address how the fundamental
themes of geography impact your life in this scenario. To answer this
question, you will research a global region and a city or area of a
country within that region and examine the connectivity between this
location and you.

Before submitting your final project, review the following documents, Final Presentation Slides Student Example and Final Presentation Speaker Notes Student Example, within the Student Example Folder.

Remember to reach out to your instructor early or use the General
Questions topic if you have any questions or observations you wish to

To complete this assignment, review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.

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