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Inequality Paper

The purpose of this paper is to provide you with an opportunity to integrate knowledge and experience related to human difference with your own ideas and personal commitment(s). It is also an opportunity for you to examine one of the persistent divisions between genders, racial and ethnic groups, as well as poverty, immigration and disability. Evaluation of this paper will be based on evidence that you understand and are able to apply the principles and concepts presented during the course, both in the readings and class discussions including appropriate rationale and sources (please cite your work). Your paper will be based on a specific marginalized group in America of your choice.The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn more about a minority group by gathering information about the minority group from a variety of sources, including an INTERVIEW with an individual from that group. Discuss inequality, Social Stratification, Social Justice, etc? Research- Preparing Your Outline and Notes- The following provides an extensive but not exhaustive list of topic areas that might be covered in your paper. While you will not have time to deal with each area, please choose the information that is most relevant to understanding human difference and the responsibility of individuals for responding to these differences in a professional setting. Please have at least five sources including your interview and other course materials.

A. Interview Basic Information

1. Background, language, religious beliefs/practices.

2. Most challenging/difficult aspects of American culture for them.

3. Family patterns, roles, and relationships.

4. Customs and behaviors, food, holidays and celebrations.

5. Recreation and leisure activities.

6. Degree of Assimilation: where does the person feel they fit in?

7. State anything unique to the minority group you are researching?

8. Discuss three aspects of the group that are the most difficult for you to understand. Explain why characteristics of your culture and that of your cultural group might cause these difficulties.

9. Using ideas from the text, readings, class and outside sources, list steps and/or principles people can use to avoid negative stereotyping, judging, or prejudice, etc.

10. Mention any emotional responses, changes in thinking, or insights you personally gained from your research.

2 Paper guidelines:

? Completed papers should be 5-7 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12-point with 1? margins.

? Create a cover page for your project: Your name Minorities in America Title Due date

? Pages must be numbered. · Grammar, spelling, and format are important. Be sure to use your spell/grammar check and proof read your work. Proper spelling & grammar are important indicators of a well-prepared paper.

Excessive errors will result in a reduction of points.

? This is an academic paper, therefore the explanations must be written in formal language (no slang, limit contractions, such as can?t, don?t, won?t).

? Late papers will not be accepted. No exceptions.


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