Introduction Draft about the proposal

This assignment requires you to draft the introduction section of your proposal. As our course textbook states, “After reading your introduction, the readers should know exactly what the proposal is trying to achieve” (118). The introduction frames the entire document; it introduces readers to the topic, issue/problem/opportunity, foregrounds the remainder of the document. In short, the proposal should make 6 moves:

  1. State the subject of the proposal.
  2. Identify the purpose of the proposal.
  3. State the main point that will be proven in the proposal.
  4. Stress the importance of the subject to the readers.
  5. Provide some background information on the subject.
  6. Forecast the organization of the proposal.

Writing Proposals p. 118

Following the above moves, draft your proposal introduction. Your intro should not simply be a response to the these questions. Create a narrative that contextualizes the proposal and situates readers.

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