Knowledge Management – Assignment 2

Assignment Title: Knowledge management cycle process in organizations and significance communities of practice

Note: Each question/concept/ topic must be supported with peer reviewed journal references.

Assignment Structure:

Part A.

1.Provide brief description about knowledge management processes in organizations. (1 Mark)

2.Explain the concept of organizational learning and describe the link between individual and organizational leaning. (2 Marks)

3.Describe role of organizational culture in knowledge management. (2 Marks)

Part B.

1.Describe the concept of community. Describe its key components. (1 Mark)

2. Discuss how communities can be linked to organizational memory in order to foster organizational learning and innovation. (2 Marks)

3.Highlight some of the key steps you would need to carry out in order to conduct social network analysis of an organization. What sort of questions could the social network analysis answer? (2 Marks)

*No plagiarism

*Answers should meet all the requirements (6 questions).

*Be very specific and focused on the issue while answering a question.

*Review at least three (3) scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles to support the answer for each question or concept.

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