marketing – 450 words

?Proponents of marketing state that a market-driven economy allows for more choices, better products, and lower prices. Critics claim that marketing promotes materialism and a throw-away culture.

?Is it possible to live in a society that embraces the benefits of marketing yet reduces the costs? From a sustainable marketing perspective, practices that encourage reusing, recycling, and reducing materials may provide the answer. Yet the question remains as to whether consumers and marketers are using or are willing to adopt these practices.

1.Write down everything they throw away in one week. (Note: The typical American generates 4.39 pounds of garbage a day.)

2.Specify whether it was a durable product, nondurable product, promotional message/mailer, package, or some other marketing-related item.4.Write down what, if any, impact this experience has had on their perceptions and attitudes during this week.

Follow the instructions above carefully (the original one has some mistakes). Please be detailed and precisely

Here is a piece of outer information that helps the essay:

add one more paragraph about an effective ad?

  • Include 1 paragraph about why you think the ad is effective.
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