Peer Review Workshop; Essay 1

After receiving feedback from your peer review partner, please make necessary edits and correction to your essay. Once done, save your final draft (including a Works Cited page as the last page) and submit your essay for grading by uploading the file here in either .doc, .docx or .pdf format.

MLA End-of-Paper Checklist

In-Text Citations


Have you given credit to other sources when you?ve quoted and/or paraphrased

throughout your paper?


Are the in-text citations properly constructed according to MLA style?


Does every in-text citation have a complete, matching citation in your Works

Cited List?

Works Cited List


Does it say Works Cited at the top of your page, centered, and without bolding or



Is the Works Cited page double spaced?


Are the citations in alphabetical order by the first word/name of each citation?


Are the citations properly constructed according to MLA style?


Is the second line of any citations longer than one line indented half an inch?

This is called a ?hanging indent? in your paragraph settings.


Does each citation in the Works Cited list have a matching in-text citation in your


Overall Paper Presentation


Did you cite the appropriate number of sources according to your assignment



Is your paper double spaced?


Unless specified otherwise by your instructor, is your paper in Times New Roman

size 12 font?


Did you create a header at the top right of each page with your last name and

page number?

Name: Moreen Sevo

Professor: Kelly Allen

Institution: English 120

Date of submission: Mar 15 , 2019

Essay Draft

There are over 7, 000 different languages across the globe and each has a unique sound, vocabulary, and structure. Most importantly, these languages shape the way we think, and Lera Boroditsky shares some examples of how these languages affects individuals interpretation on of time and space, also language has an early effect on time, and can even shape how things have personal weight to us and how we think about anything named by a noun. For instance, the Aboriginal community in Australia uses cardinal directions instead of left and right to the multiple words for blue in Russian that suggest the answer is a resounding yes (Boroditsky). Essentially, the beauty of linguistics is that it shows people how flexible and ingenious the human brain is .however we are losing so much linguistic diversity.

Moreover, food is a big part of the Indian holiday; however, in most parent?s home heart made Indian food is an everyday fixture. For instance, every night they must have wounds of basmati rice, baby eggplants stewed in spices used to hold up to her face like collards greens, earrings until one grew up. Mainly, best of everything was that author?s brother, and her dad was always spoiled, but since she was the youngest, she was the most spoiled with delicious meals. And as she has gotten older, she has been trying to learn her mother?s recipe by herself (Koul).

In How to Get Your Green Card in America, Sarah Thankam Mathews (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. describes her life as an illegal immigrant and how she got an American green card. Primarily, before arriving in North America, she had stayed in Oman for 14 years. But the author describes that nothing ever came easily since life before and after immigration was different, for example, the old experience, bad, good rattled her like broken gadgetry. Also, the things her family and had left never got back (Mathews). This was only because her parents wanted their daughter to get a quality education, to be respectable, and to be able to walk by herself fearlessly.

Negin Farad, on the other hand, uses social commentary and comedy to undercut the stereotypes in her culture cleverly. Primarily, in this talk she speaks on her documentary, The Muslims Are Coming which basically narrates her battle with the MTA in New York and offers a comprehensive breakdown of the various types of haters she came across in her line of duty, they include the trolleys, the drive-by haters, the mission-oriented, and the swing haters. Therefore, according to her talk, comedy is the best weapon for fighting the haters since approaches such as war have failed (Farsad).


Boroditsky, Lera. How language shapes the way, we think. TEDWomen 2017. 2017. 15 March 2019.

Farsad, Negin. A highly scientific taxonomy of hater. TED2016. 2016. march 15 2019.

Koul, Scaachi. There?s No Recipe For Growing Up. 2 November 2016. 15 March 2019.

Mathews, Sarah Thankam. How To Get Your Green Card In America. 22 November 2015. 15 March 2019.

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