Phil 130 phil of religion

Your assignment is to choose one of the readings from Sections VII or II of Eshleman. This may be a reading we covered in class or one of the others in the section. If you choose a reading we covered in class, be sure you do not simply repeat or re-present class lecture/discussion. Your goal here is, now with some experience in philosophical method and topics, (re)read analyticallyand critically and then write a short essay (5-8pp; 1700-2500 words) about that. Since this is a short paper you need to select a part of the argument or topic and elaborate on that. For this paper there are two necessary components: 1) descriptive statements about the point or topicfrom your selection. Remember, if you can?t clearly present what it is that a particularphilosopher is saying or arguing, you can?t adequately respond to it. And, 2) an evaluation of the strengths or weaknesses you see in the argument.

This assignment has as a goal the coherent presentation of the topic in writing. This requires a careful organization of the data along with its evaluation. For data to be adequately evaluated, they must be presented clearly and fairly. Therefore, this essay is not “just a response” paper. A majority of the paper should account for the position of the text. This should not be accomplished by simply copying sections from the text. Quotation of the text should be used sparingly and only when crucial. It is your presentation and formulation of the material that is of concern here. One third to one half of the essay should reflect your own critical evaluation of the material.

This paper is not intended as a research project. Any citations, including those from the text, should be properly cited. Use standard formats (e.g., MLA, Chicago, or APA) found in writing handbook references (e.g., Prentice-Hall). Plagiarism is a serious offence and can result in an F for the paper (or course or expulsion). Unintentional plagiarism is no excuse and students should consult the handbook and/or writing guides and/or me during office hours if they are unsure of what counts as plagiarism.

The essay does not require further research, although you are not discouraged from doing so. Rather, it should identify the issue/problem, present particular “solutions” and evaluate the arguments. You can take this as an opportunity to explore further issues that interested you. Your own views are welcome in the paper, but they should be subjected to the same degree of philosophical analysis. Excellent papers will clearly identify the significant positions of the text(s), situate them within the context of the topic, clearly evaluate their force and significance, and creatively present relevant information. Good papers will identify the central positions of the text(s), connect them appropriately to their context, but in a less developed way. Adequate papers will present a sufficient understanding of the positions, but may not get all relevant aspect correct or may misconnect material to its context or to its significance. Remember to strive for clarity and coherence.

Proofread your text carefully for accuracy in spelling, grammar, and syntax.

Submission guidelines: The essay should be submitted via the links on Canvas. You must use Microsoft Word, google docs, or Rich Text format (docx, gdoc, or rtf). If you don?t know howto save in this format, find out how. On your computer name the file using this convention: LastnameFirstname_Essay1.doc. Thus, my file would be: MaldonadoRobert_Essay1.docx.

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