research paper (Gregory Crewdson )



  • Submit your paper as a Word Doc. Be certain it includes your full name and a heading indicating the course and date.
  • Paper must between 400-500 words (not including the header and list of references) and include a word count located at the end of the paper.
  • Please use single spacing
  • A comprehensive list of all sources referenced must be located at the end of the paper in alphabetical order. You may use MLA citation guidelines.
  • In your paper, you must directly answer the following questions about your chosen photographer:
  1. What is their brief biographical information (Birthplace, Education, etc. )?
  2. What are their significant artistic projects and where they are/were shown (exhibitions, books, publications, etc.)
  3. What is their work about? Look first to the style of work itself. For example, is it street photography, collage, performance, Internet-based, abstract, etc. (the possibilities for style are limitless!) Then look to its specific meaning. For example, does the work have a political message? It is about the medium of photography itself? Does it bring up issues of identity (the possibilities for meaning are limitless!) Please include at least 5 images by the artist in the paper to illustrate.
  4. Who is a similar artist making work that is either visually similar or creates work with similar meaning?
  5. How has this artist been critically received? Look for reviews of his/her books, exhibitions, etc. How do/did they promote their work (social media, website, etc.)
  6. Pick one image by the artist and very briefly critique it. You must include an image of this photograph within the body of the paper.
  7. Conclude with your opinion of the artist, citing direct examples from images, quotes, and/or projects to support your judgment. Do you feel the work successful? I encourage you to be critical- I want to hear your opinion! State if the artist?s work relates to your artwork and/or interests and why or why not.

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