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please post a draft of your resume and include a narrative discussing the context to the Week 7 Discussion. The draft can be a very rough at this point, and you’ll probably make revisions to it before submitting a draft on Sunday. But share what you have at this point.

When uploading your draft, please also include some context. Discuss the style of resume you chose to create (chronological or functional). Discuss your field/profession and how this resume draft addresses conventions, if any, from your specific field. Discuss the content, organization, and design. (Please see the Resume Assignment for requirements)

I had post my information at the essay of shuangshuangni- about me and resume-shuangshuangni, you can follow them information to create the resume for me. And I am a transfer student from Hangzhou Normal University I had written in the form of resume-shuangshuang ni, you can follow the shuangshuangni-about me to fill out the form. And also you can add other things that you think necessary to create a resume. I will give you my friends’ examples, you can imitate them. 

1.   James Baer:

I created a chronological resume because I am pursuing a job in business and it includes my work experience first which I believe an employer pays great attention to. Therefore, if it is the first thing they see it can help. I organized it with the main points being bold and centered. Next I elaborated on each main point with bullet points to discuss a little about my strengths. 

I have attached my resume. 

2.   Krista:

I’ve attached my resume as a pdf because I want to be sure that the format stays in tact. My resume is on chronological order and my employment history is in ordered as most recent to least. My profession will be marketing so I’ll need to tweak this to more formally present how I am qualified for a marketing job, but I don’t feel like I have anything to include at this time.

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