The St. Valentines Day Massacre, 3 post response. criminology. 1 PARAGRAPH

After viewing the video “The St. Valentines Day Massacre,” please post a reflection of the documentary.  Then discuss the different crimes portrayed in the movie and what theories might explain some of the offenders  behaviors.


I thought the video was an amazing outlook on the gang activity that was king in the 1920s. I also admire the way that Capone?s philosophy on controlling the streets began with the elimination of his competitors. Some of the different crimes portrayed in the movie consist of gang activity, murder, illegal trade. Most of the offender?s behavior can be explained by sociological theories of criminal behavior. I believe sociological theories best explain the behaviors because it connects the individual with the social problems and the cultural values that were prominent at that present time. I also think that psychological theories help explain the behaviors, as they help assign the individual responsibility for their actions and classify certain criminal behavior as selective, rather than inherited. 

I hope you have enjoyed the course.
For the last Discussion Board posting I want you to think about what you have learned in this course regarding the causes of crime, policies related to crime,and how the two perspectives, social responsibility and social problems, impact how criminal justice policies are created.  In your final posting, discuss the future of criminology and criminal justice policies. Be specific using examples of programs and policies to illustrate your points.


I think that criminology will change in the future. With the current election going on in our country. I think policy will be shaped around the social problems theory. For example, Bernie Sanders has fought for the middle class and for social change throughout the primary election process. More and more people started to join his revolution because the middle and lower classes are sick of the social problems that plague them. As a result, policy will start to change to address the social issues and in return, the crime rates will go down because the issues are beginning to be resolved.  


Please respond to one of these discussion prompts: (a) list any five methods of crime control that appear to be effective, or (b) list any five methods of crime control that appear to be failures. Write a brief sentence reflecting on why each of these is a success/failure.


Community policing, now more than ever, is effective when implemented continuously in ways that engage the community with police and also engage officers into the community in which they are policing. Problem solving courts I believe will continue to grow to be more effective in the future, especially with drug cases that have a high rate of recidivism because of the focus on rehabilitation and judicial monitoring. Job training, specifically vocational training, has shown in studies to reduce recidivism amongst inmates who received these jobs skills and training. Anti-terrorism laws such as the Patriot Act, while some view it as controversial, does work and allows law enforcement to better attempt to dismantle potential threats and have stricter punishments for terrorist attacks. Early intervention with programs and initiatives that target at-risk juvenile individuals before crime is committed enjoy a fair degree of success and are proven effective as well, with the focus on stopping bad habits at an early age (Worrall, pg 388).

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