Troilus and Criseyed: “Midway” in the tragedy, English homework help

[Specific Instructions for the Paper]
1. Be sure you use one quotation per volume of no more than two lines each.
2. Be sure that all parenthetical-citation entries correspond properly to the citation on the works cited listings-and vice versa
3. Be sure not to use contractions in the paper
4. Be sure not to use YOU as an indefinite pronoun
5. Be sure to number your pages-top, right of the page.
For all parenthetical citations in your text, please enter (1) the last name of the Author and (2) the page number. The only exception is for citations from the American Heritage Dictionary-which, uniquely, requires only the word you are defining
The subject of the paper is Troilus and Criseyed: “Midway” in the tragedy. The actual FOCUS of the paper is on [“Midway: The Humorous Center of Chaucer’s Tragedy and why is the humor so appropriate and so well placed?”].
Stay focused on these issues. Do not get lost in the broad abstractions. Focus on Dante’s love and concern for Florence and its political well-being.
Be sure to analyze the humor and its appropriateness just prior to the center of Chaucer’s tragedy. Don’t just describe-analyze!
Use 12 point font, Times New Roman type, double spaced 3 1/2 pages for the paper one page for the Works Cited, MLA style.

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