Understanding Public Policy, business and finance homework help

Understanding Public Policy

In a
three to four page APA paper (not including cover and reference pages), address
the following:

the importance of policy analysis during the development and implementation
stages of public policy. 

the social impact of policies.

the limitations policies have on government power. 

Use at
least one of the assigned articles to support your position and cite the
reference appropriately.


J.N., Posada, F.B., Haines, A. & Osei, E. (2004).  Use of
research to inform public policymaking. The Lancet, 364(9445), 1615-21.
Retrieved from ProQuest database.

Witko, C.
(2006). PACs, issue context, and congressional decision making. Political
Research Quarterly,
 59(2), 283-292, 294-295. Retrieved
from ProQuest database.

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