Walden-response to classmate’s post-week 9- Advocacy

I need a response for my classmate?s post!! Please add three references!!

Respond to your colleagues* by suggesting additional opportunities or recommendations for overcoming the challenges described by your colleagues.

Kristine Kitchener

RE: Discussion – Week 9 First Post Kristine Kitchener

As an RN or APRN, we all make a difference in the lives of our patients. Having ideas and creating a change that will positively impact patient care or the nursing work environment will improve the future of healthcare. We can advocate for a change in patient care and make a case by searching and evaluating the evidence, or completing research, or teaching information that is prerequisite to carrying out a vision of change (Paton, Zalon, and Ludwick, 2011). Given that nurses comprise the largest sector of health care providers, spend the most time with patients and share a unique intimacy with patients related to functional care activities, nurses bring critical understanding and potential solutions to many high-profile complexes health care issues such as access, quality, cost, and value (Paton, Zalon, and Ludwick, 2011).

Evaluation/Review has become increasingly valuable as federal, state and local policymakers understand that almost every decision made and every plan that is implemented will eventually, affect the population’s health status (Milstead and Short, 2019). ?Professional nurses, regardless of their practice setting, expertise, and level of education, are typically well-versed in evaluating and analyzing the effectiveness of their assessment, planning, and implementation efforts? (Milstead and Short, 2019).

RN’s and APRN’s can actively participate in informal or formal policy review in clinical settings. These policies can be reviewed informally through word-of-mouth among a small group, by sharing opinions and expertise through social media, or during in-person team meetings or debriefing (Milstead and Short, 2019). Formal review progress termed program evaluation design relies on standardized strategic evaluation processes that ensure our stakeholders are involved in planning and evaluating after implementing a policy or program (Milstead and Short, 2019).

According to Khodavaeisi, challenges that come along that nurses tend to face are managerial issues such as inefficiency of management, the inadequacy of policies and strategies (2012). Another example of challenges stated by Glascow, Lichtenstein, & Marcus, regarding policy review can occur when task forces on both clinical preventive services and community preventive services have noted that insufficient applied evidence is available to make recommendations at present.

To meet these challenges, we will need to have substantially more demonstrations of how to effectively implement recommendations in typical settings and in locations serving minority, low-income, and rural populations facing health disparities (Glascow, Lichtenstein, & Marcus, 2003). Regardless of what area of patient care, nurses have hands-on knowledge of outcomes regarding policies that have been implemented. Reviewing policy and giving feedback can only help the welfare of patient care and continue to improve medical care in the long run.


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