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Week 2 Discussion – Logo Challenges Within Diverse Companies THIS IS NOT FUCKING HARD!

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Due Dates and Participation Requirements

Learning Objectives Covered

  1. Discuss the impact on logo and identity construction when a company diversifies product offerings



One of the most common ways a company will grow is by introducing new
products to its overall brand portfolio. If a new product will be
associated with existing products, this requires a company to choose
amongst the following three options:

1) create the new product as a sub-theme under the existing logo
2) modify the logo in some way to integrate the new product
3) create an entirely new logo to reflect the new focus of the company.

The latter two options are especially complex to navigate. Though the
changes are often done in the name of progress and because consumers
can become emotionally tied to a product?s unique look, a change in
visual elements can be disrupting at best and at worst feel like a
betrayal to the consumer. When a company decides to update their logo in
any way (whether create something completely new or merely update a
typeface or color choice) they must create a clear and logical roll out
plan in place to communicate the thinking and reasoning behind their
choice. In this way, the company opens up a dialogue with each consumer
and allows him or her to better understand and feel part of the process.


For this discussion, we will once again return to the ice cream shop
logo and brand identity discussed in Week 1. Imagine that a few years
have passed since you initially created the visual system for the ice
cream shop. In this timeframe they have become hugely successful,
expanding to three different ice cream outlets around the city. Growth
has begun to stabilize and the owners have begun to seek out other
consumer markets to enter. Because the ice cream is especially popular
with parents and children, the owners have decided to enter the
children?s toy market and create a series of educational games for
mobile devices.

Because you worked on their logo, they have approached you to help them navigate the visual look and feel of this new endeavor. Though you, the designer, knows there is not one correct answer, you need to share with them the pros and cons of creating an
entirely new visual identity for the games, keeping the existing logo,
or creating a new hybrid logo that bridges both ice cream and games.

In approaching this task, what would you tell them are the pros and
cons of each option? What option do you think is best for them to pursue
and why? If they did decide to create a completely new logo that merged
both ice cream elements and game elements, what marketing materials
might they need to create to educate consumers?

For your citation, you might use
articles that show examples of how companies have managed to navigate
their visual image and maintain consumer confidence when diversifying
products produced. You can
also find articles from experts that suggest ways logo design has been
used to represent industries who have merged together.

Your initial and reply posts should work to develop a group
understanding of this topic. Challenge each other. Build on each other.
Always be respectful but discuss this and figure it out together.

Reply Requirements

Per the Due Dates and Participation Requirements for this course, you
must submit 1 main post of 150 words, 1 IWG citation, and reference,
as well as 2 follow-up posts of 50 words. Responses can be addressed to
both your initial thread and other threads but must be your own words
(no copy and paste), each reply unique (no repeating something you
already said), and substantial in nature. Remember that part of the
discussion grade is submitting on time (20%) and using proper grammar,
spelling, etc. (20% per post).

Remember that part of the discussion grade is submitting on time and
using proper grammar, spelling, etc. You’re training to be a
professional?write like it.

First reply:

Andrea Wilson


Dec 2 at 11:35am

is years later and the ice Crean parlor has contacted me to once again
help with creating a logo fo their new company which is a toy store and
educational apps for children. I would first ask if they are wanted to
use their logo that they have with a few modifications or if they are
wanting to go with a completely new concept. If they want to use their
existing logo but modified so that they could bridge the toy store and
game apps with the cream parlor I would first ask what kind of
modification they would want to make. I would ask. if they would want to
make the logo geared around children so that the children can connect
the ice cream parlor with the toy store and apps. I would then let them
know if the way they want to go will work well with the new company and
app that they are creating. If they are wanting to go in a completely
different direction with the logo then we would start from the begging. I
would ask if they are wanting to attract the attention of the children
as well as the adults and maybe use the same color scheme as on the logo
of the ice cream parlor so the connection will still bring the 3
business together. In doing this the colors and the new logo would
bridge the 3 companies together.


Rothfeild, L. (2014, April 30). 7 Killer Tips for Logo Design. In Mashable. Retrieved from https://mashable.com/2014/04/30/logo-design-tips/

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