Business Letter Assignment, English homework help

Assignment: Writing the Business Letter

Your assignment is to write a letter to your local school board. The school board address is: 908 Academic Lane, Bigtown, CA 98999. You will be requesting a waiver for a required Economics course. Please make sure that you write more than one paragraph in the body of your letter.

You will be graded on the appropriate format for your letter as well as how well you incorporate each of the required elements for a business letter. Be sure to pay attention to your use of transitions as you switch from one paragraph to another. Use this rubric as a guide.

After you submit your business letter to your teacher, you have completed the lesson for writing business letters. It is important to remember what you?ve learned. This is a skill that you will use throughout your working career. In the next section, you?ll learn more about using apostrophes and the three important functions apostrophes add to your written communication.

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