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Select One of the Following to Respond to This Week:

Supervisor Steve is in the process of interviewing for his department. He has three candidates to choose from. One candidate, Superstar Susan, is an African American female that looks to be in her mid-fifties. Susan comes with excellent work history, and she interviews extremely well, but she had only an associates degree. Steve likes Susan, but feels like she may be too old to learn new methods. Plus, he feels like she may learn the job and then decide to retire right away, leaving him to fill the job again in a year. The second candidate, Dynamite Dan, is a white male in his twenties. Dan and Steve really hit it off in the interview because they both belonged to the same fraternity in college. Dan has no experience other than part time jobs while attending college. Dan and Steve also enjoy some of the same hobbies; and Steve has been looking for a new member of the company basketball team. Finally, Terrific Tina, an in-house candidate, is up for promotion. Tina has a solid work history with the company. She makes fully successful ratings in her current role. She doesn’t have much experience outside the company, but she does hold a bachelors in an unrelated field. Tina feels that she’s been passed over frequently for subjective reasons. She doesn’t always get along with her current Supervisor, and has been known to complain to co-workers about being “blackballed” in the company. You’re Steve. Please select a candidate for the position and explain why that candidate should be selected over the other two.

Manager Mary has several employees under her. Mary enjoys being friends with her employees and frequently socializes with them outside of work. Recently, Downer Debbie came to Mary and told her that Slick Sam has been making her feel uncomfortable. Sam has been making off-color jokes when the workers gather in the breakroom and brags about his bedroom “skills.” Debbie is a devout Christian and is offended by the conversation, so she has been taking lunch at her desk instead of in the breakroom. Sam is not only a top employee, but he is also openly bi-sexual. Mary is concerned that no matter what she does, she will have workers that don’t like her anymore. She knows the staff will choose sides. You are Mary. What do you do to handle the situation. Please explain your course of action and justify it.

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