Discussion board and after answering the question reply to 2 other students

You should now have taken the ELI. Please review the ELI Information Folder under Content Materials to review some of the literature on the ELI and the presentation on it.

1.Does the preliminary description of your identified lens resonate with you?

2.Ask a close friend or family member whether they think this lens reflects the values that underlie your actions.

3.Do you think this lens is your primary lens at work? At home? In social settings? What is your evidence for that belief.


(first student to reply too)Of the four lenses, the reputation lens describes me the most. The lens resonates with my core values, especially the values of integrity and justice. I always present myself as a person of high integrity. One of my principles is to always do the right thing even when no one is watching or even when I do not have a risk of being caught. In the workplace, for example, my principle is to always carry out my duties to the best of my abilities, not because of the amount of pay that I expect from the company, but because I believe in doing the right thing.

When I asked my sister whether she thinks the lens describes me, she confirmed that I indeed, reputation lens corresponds to my values. She specifically stated that I have always set a good example for my siblings. She also stated that I am compassionate and responsible which also corresponds to the reputation lens.

I believe the reputation lens is my primary lens at work, home and in social settings. First, I am very consistent in my behaviors. It is not easy for a person to convince me to act contrary to my values. I also seek wisdom, especially from my elders. Above all, I always act with integrity and civility. As a student, for example, I make sure that I complete all my assignments as expected without shortcuts. Also, I promote justice in my circle of friends to ensure that everyone gets their fair share. Thus, I believe that my behaviors resonate with the reputation lens.

(second student)It’s very inspiring how you take the time to think of your decisions you make, why you make them, and put it in a simple way for you understand, to reflect your thoughts on others. I like how you discussed your justification, put into two categories, so then it’s easier to reason out why you took the steps you took. Such as, yes the win-win solutions are what we are shooting for, but it’s good to realize in some situations another choice has to be made but not only did you make it by why you made it. It’s really great you have mastered the skill to do this with issues because I find in some work situations, I need work on this lens skill my self, of throughly explaining on why I took certain actions that sound professional and accurate.

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