Feminism Assignment, history homework help

  • Why were the experiences of white, black, and Hispanic feminists different?

You will write three paragraphs for this essay, the content of each is outlined below. Remember as you write that you are not writing to me, your professor, but to a general reader. Write the two body paragraphs first and then write the introduction and background paragraphs.

Introduction: In the first paragraph, you will introduce your reader to the topic at hand. You must bring your reader into the topic from a general statement about movements of the 1960s to statements about feminism to the issue of the differences in experiences of feminists. The paragraph will close with a thesis statement, which is a one-sentence answer to the question that the essay answers. Minimum length for this paragraph should be five sentences.

Two Body Paragraphs: Explain the differences in experience of white, black, and Hispanic feminists and the reasons that their experiences were different. Because each paragraph must make one point, review your notes and the readings to find two points that you want to make about the differences. And, then, take notes on what specific evidence you will offer about those differences.

You may organize your two body paragraphs in different ways. You could do a paragraph on white feminists? experiences and a second on black and Hispanic feminists? experiences, explaining how the experiences for the black and Hispanic feminists were different in the second paragraph. Or, you could organize the two paragraphs around two kinds of differences and write about the experiences of each of the groups of feminists in both paragraphs.

Remember a few points as you write:

  • Do not write with the books open in front of you. Take notes on what you need to cover, writing in your own words. Then, write your paper by looking at your notes.

  • Go over your paper after you have written it. Re-read it to find typos, missing words, and to check if the evidence in each paragraph supports the topic sentence of that paragraph.

  • You must explain the reasons for the differences in feminist experience, but you also much show the context of the feminist movement. The other movements we have studied are part of that context.

  • Use the evidence sandwich. Introduce the sources that you work from by identifying the name of the author and the position of the author. For documents, you should also explain how the author happened to write the document. And make sure that the reader can see how your evidence hooks onto your topic sentence.

  • Use information from any of the readings in this course that you find useful, particularly the ones from the two weeks on feminism. Do NOT use any Internet sources.

    Type up your two paragraphs and be sure that they conform to these rule

  • They must be written entirely in your own words. USE NO QUOTATIONS.

  • They must not include any information taken from any source other than those assigned in the class. USE NO INTERNET SOURCES TO WRITE THIS ASSIGNMENT

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