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Memory/Documentary: Digression is one of Achebe’s main tools. The novel is the story of Okonkwo’s tragedy, but it is also a record of Igbo life before the coming of the white man. The novel documents what the white man destroyed. The reader learns much about Igbo customs and traditions; depicting this world is a central part of the novel. 
Social disintegration: Towards the end of the novel, we witness the events by which Igbo society begins to fall apart. Religion is threatened, Umuofia loses its self-determination, and the very centers of tribal life are threatened. These events are all the more painful for the reader because so much time has been spent in sympathetic description of Igbo life; the reader realizes that he has been learning about a way of life that no longer exists. 
Greatness and ambition: Okonkwo is determined to be a lord of his clan. He rises from humble beginnings to a position of leadership, and he is a wealthy man. He is driven and determined, but his greatness comes from the same traits that are the source of his weaknesses. He is often too harsh with his family, and he is haunted by a fear of failure. 
Fate and free will: There is an Igbo saying that when a man says yes, his chi, or spirit, says yes also. The belief that he controls his own destiny is of central importance to Okonkwo. Later, several events occur to undermine this belief, and Okonkwo is embittered by the experience. As often happens with tragedy, the catastrophe comes through a complex mix of external forces and the character’s choices. 
Masculinity: Masculinity is one of Okonkwo’s obsessions, and he defines masculinity quite narrowly. For him, any kind of tenderness is a sign of weakness and effeminacy. Male power lies in authority and brute force. But throughout the novel, we are shown men with more sophisticated understanding of masculinity. Okonkwo’s harshness drives Nwoye away from the family and into the arms of the new religion. 
Fear: For all of his desire to be strong, Okonkwo is haunted by fear. He is profoundly afraid of failure, and he is afraid of being considered weak. This fear drives him to rashness, and in the end contributes to his death. 
Tribal belief: Particularly since one of the threats to Igbo life is the coming of the new religion, tribal belief is a theme of some importance. Igbo religious beliefs explain and provide meaning to the world; the religion is also inextricable from social and political institutions. Achebe also shows that Igbo religious authorities, such as the Oracle, seem to possess uncanny insights. He approaches the matter of Igbo religion with a sense of wonder. 
Justice: Justice is another powerful preoccupation of the novel. For the Igbo, justice and fairness are matters of great importance. They have complex social institutions that administer justice in fair and rational ways. But the coming of the British upsets that balance. Although the British claim that local laws are barbaric, and use this claim as an excuse to impose their own laws, we soon see that British law is hypocritical and inhumane. The final events leading up to Okonkwo’s death concern the miscarriage of Justice under the British District Commissioner. 


Gender Conflicts


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1 After you have chosen which theme or themes you want to apply to your research paper and have completed your sentence outline ( an outline of the theme from the article or essay you chose), you are to start looking for that theme in the novel or selection and how it is presented or represented.. 
2 Since your research paper is a literary analysis paper, you will be looking for how your particular theme works in the novel/selection once you begin your paper. I suggest that you do not attempt to work on the paper until you have a clear and concise understanding of your theme and have read the entire novel/selection. 
3 Make sure you mark significant passages in your novel/selection that will help to strengthen your argument. 
4 Always introduce your direct quotation, paraphrase and summary. Also make sure you comment afterwards. By doing this introduction and commentary, your voice will be sure to be heard in the paper.
5 Make sure you remain as objective as possible. Note using the first person ?I? in a paper makes it subjective. The second person ?you? is not an indefinite pronoun. A useful pronoun to use is ?one? then follow it with ?s/he.? Or make the subject plural and follow it with ?they.?
6 The length of your paper should be 6-8 full pages for ENGL 102 and 8-10 for Humanities with the Works Cited page not counting as one of those pages.
7 All pages should be numbered beginning with the first and ending with the Works Cited page. Papers are to be submitted in Word 97-2003.
8 For a paper this length you should have at least 6 sources. Three of these sources must be critical, from a collection of essays or an article in a refereed journal. A refereed journal is a journal that specializes in the topic where the paper has been sent to at least three of the author?s peers and then published. Do not use Wikipedia as a source. You may use it as a means to obtain a clear and precise idea of you topic. Sometimes Wikipedia will give you a link to a credible source that you may be able to use.
9 If you do a cover page, MLA dictates that an outline of the paper should follow. You will be turning all materials into me in a portfolio on the due date. Do not bold, underline or italicize your titles, and please try to be creative with them.
10 JSTOR, MLA Bibliography, ABELL are just a few of the databases where you can obtain a refereed article. They are under Literature and Languages via of research port. They are online databases that you can retrieve from the University Library homepage.

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