Modern American History Reconstruction Discussion

No need to reference book/

1. There were several causes of the Great Depression. Many of the causes were linked to irresponsible behaviors throughout the 1920s by companies, banks, governments, and American consumers. Please discuss 1 of these irresponsible behaviors and describe in detail how this behavior contributed to the Great Depression. Please refer to the textbook and/or Recommended Video #1 for your response. Note: The stock market crash should not be one of your examples because it was a result, not a cause of the Great Depression. (5 sentences. 15 points.)

2. Discuss in detail 1 way in which a minority group or women suffered during the Great Depression. I would recommend consulting the textbook and/or Assigned Video #1 or Optional Video #1 to address this question. (8 sentences, 20 points) (5 points extra credit if you are able to make a detailed reference to a Chapter 22 primary source in your response.)

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