Only follow all the instructions

(Southwest Airlines?Flying High With Low Costs). After reading the case, the case notes answer the following questions using the information in the case.

What is Southwest Airline?s strategy and what are the key success factors for Southwest airlines? What are the key things it does to keep its costs lower than competitors?

  1. What prevents larger competitors (e.g., American, Delta, United) from imitating Southwest?s approach?
  2. What prevents new entrants from successfully imitating Southwest?s approach?
  3. How should Southwest should grow, given that fact that it has largely saturated its short-haul markets with point-to-point service? Should it expand into long haul and add a longer range aircraft? Should it expand into international service? If it does, how will this differ from its current strategy/business model and how will this influence performance?

The document does’t have length, only complete properly the answer for each question

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