Week1 Assignment

W1 Microsoft Word Assignment: Documentary

Do Project 1E Documentary that begins on page 205 of your textbook. Submit the document by clicking the Attachments button to attach the file. Do not paste the document in the Message area.

You will need to download and use the following data files in your project:

Picture of Antarctica

Documentary Overview

In addition to the assignment file, answer the following question with your submission. This can be answered directly in your Submission comment area, or as a separate Word attachment file:

In this Week?s reading and prep work, you learned about SmartArt graphics and how to add them to your documents. Take a look at some of the different options for SmartArt graphics found in Microsoft Word, and indicate which one you feel you are most likely to use, and what sort of document type you might use it in. Explain why you feel this is a good fit. Please look to answer this in at least 3 complete sentences in order to address it adequately.


Apply 1A skills from these Objectives: 1 Create a New

Document and Insert Text

2 Insert and Format Graphics

3 Insert and Modify Text Boxes and Shapes

4 Preview and Print a Document

Content-Based assessments (masteRY and tRansFeR oF LeaRnInG) Mastering Word Project 1e documentary

In the following Mastery project, you will create a flyer announcing a special event being hosted by Sturgeon Point Productions. Your printed results will look similar to Figure 1.54.

PRojeCt FILes For Project 1E, you will need the following files: New blank Word document w01E_Antarctica w01E_Filmmaker You will save your document as: Lastname_Firstname_1E_Documentary

PRojeCt ResuLts

Build from Scratch

1 FIGuRe 1.54

(Project 1E Documentary continues on the next page) Project | Word

205 Word Word 2016, Windows 10, Microsoft Corporation

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