write a second draft according to the first draft

write a second draft according to the first draft

The Beauty of Wall Street, New York

Different people have diverse regions they refer as the center of their world for one reason or another. Individuals may opt to choose these places due to what they have to offer; the people?s culture, their lifestyle, eating habit, or simply the hustle in the region. Wall Street is a unique region which provides extensive reasons to visit the place, ranging from the beauty of the area to its paramount focus on art. Art shapes and defines the world and thus Wall Street intrigue both the simple and the sophisticated people due to its ability to appeal to diverse extremes.

Art shapes the world, a feat that Wall Street continues to address. Art can be therapeutic and can at the same time, influence the culture of a region (Beans, 2019). Importantly, the statues of the charging bull and the fearless girl outlines the value of the region. The city challenges people to be brave and pursue their dreams irrespective of the shortcomings. The city is located in the busy financial district of Downtown Manhattan. However, its great beauty and appeal through outlines instigate a necessary edge which encourages people to work and at the same time enjoy life. Life is sacred, and thus people should be willing to live rather than merely surviving and existing. Therefore, a person should be able to pursue his or her career goals while at the same time enjoying the beauty of life and that of the world. In addition to the appealing statues, Wall Street has several art galleries such as the Angelino Arte and the Keya Gallery. Therefore, art lovers can enjoy to go to diverse exhibitions and enjoy excellent works. Similarly, it gives people a chance to diversify their passions and preferences thereby giving them a good story about the region.

Conversely, Wall Street entails some beautiful architectural works which improve the look of the city. The Battery Park outlines an intriguing site which encompasses both modernity and traditional aspect. Notably, the park boasts of a great architectural work outlined by the Castle Clinton which was built in the 19th century. Therefore, it preserves history and ensures that diverse generation can see the military fort which has stood for the last two centuries. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Federal Hall National Memorial also outlines essential architectural works which further outline the wealth of the city. The Federal National Memorial of New York has a bronze statue of George Washington in front of it, thereby describing its richness in history while its architecture serves to honor famous figures.

Additionally, the contemporary world relishes special moments by shopping and using these relics to recall their visits. Wall Street has numerous shopping spots with some of my favorites being T.J. Maxx and Century 21. It is imperative to shop in places with quality products and a fair price. The outlined spots offer a great shopping experience as they deal with quality and fashionable products. Similarly, there are some great dining places, especially within the Stone Street which a long history ranging back to the mid-17th century. The street offers a vintage look on its bars, restaurants, and houses. Therefore, it celebrates a historical era while providing some of the most exceptional cocktails of modern times. People enjoy to shop, eat, and take pictures, and thus Wall Street has enough wealth to fill up various devices with appealing photographs.

Conversely, a lot of people are looking for places to invest or carry out their career goals to meet their financial needs. Wall Street is an ambitious city which challenges people and offers them a chance to pursue their dreams. Notably, the movie ?Wolf of Wall Street? outlines the hustle and bustle of Wall Street and how people can make their way to career dominance with smart investments. Similarly, Wall Street is a financial district which incorporates Insurance companies, utilities, trust companies, brokerage firms, and commercial banks, among others. Therefore, the region acts as a symbol for finance and investments. All people have their dreams, and Wall Street can go a long way towards ensuring the attainment of these dreams. A lot of people will be conversant with successes in their business pursuits, and thus they should consider making Wall Street their center of their world.

Wall Street welcomes and appreciates diversity, and thus all people can easily visit or stay in this region. Wall Street, New York offers distinct choices in almost all areas ranging from their financial institutions to restaurants. A person can easily enjoy the statues of the charging bull and later on have a meal at Neapolitan Express. Similarly, a person can visit an art gallery or go shopping in the numerous shopping joints in the region. Importantly, the city welcomes all people and thus gives them all an equal chance to enjoy the wealth of the place.

Conclusively, Wall Street, New York is a beautiful place to spend a weekend, a holiday, or to live in as it offers different people diverse opportunities. Importantly, Wall Street appeals to both money lovers and fun enthusiasts. Similarly, the city appreciates diversity and thus irrespective of its great fun and engaging activities, it respects religion, thereby outlining a region which can be anyone?s home.

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