Create a argument for or against the provided quotations using the provided template

Here are the Quotes to use:

If you don?t like something, change it. If you can?t change it, change your attitude. -Maya Angelou

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. –Abraham Lincoln

In this Assignment, you will analyze quotations and communicate your understanding of them. You will demonstrate how you can understand a complex concept and also convince others of your point of view. You will aim to persuade the reader to accept your interpretation and your argument by providing examples to support your perspective.

In our careers and lives, people want us to get right to our point, so learning how to create a short and specific argument will be useful. Narratives are also effective for communicating a message in a memorable way, so you will use these in the Assignment. There are a sample template and sample Assignment to show you how these elements can come together to create a persuasive argument on about one page.

You will select two quotations from the list provided and analyze them. One at a time, following the structure on the template, you will agree or disagree with the idea of the quotation, put the quotation into your own words, and then support your perspective and convince the reader to put the idea into practice in their own life through the use of examples. This is similar to creating a premises?conclusion format, but as in papers for class or presentations at work, you will put your conclusion first, and the premises will become ?main points? with details to help support the conclusion.

Use the following structure for the Assignment. You can complete the work in the template provided. Offer specific ideas, examples, evidence, and narratives to help construct a persuasive argument in favor of your position. Each main point should be one paragraph of at least 5 sentences. Explain the example and connect this example back to your interpretation.

Student name:

Quotation 1: (Type your quotation and the author?s name here.)

Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

How do you interpret the statement?

(Aim to restate the quotation in 1?2 sentences. You can elaborate on this in the introduction.)


(What will you cover in this brief paper? What will the reader learn about this quotation? You should be encouraging readers to agree or disagree with the quotation as you have, through your interpretation. End with a specific, declarative thesis statement that gives the reader a sense of what you will aim to prove in the work.)

Main point 1:

(This should be at least 5 sentences. Give an example as evidence that helps to support your perspective. This could be a personal narrative, a celebrity, a figure from history, or a character in a book or film. Introduce the example and explain how this example demonstrates the truth of the quotation in your view.)

Main point 2:

(This should be at least 5 sentences. Give a counterexample that helps to support your perspective by showing how one can go off course if not following this advice. Again, this could be a personal narrative, a celebrity, a figure from history, or a character in a book or film. Introduce the person you will use as an example and explain how this person?s counterexample demonstrates the truth of the quotation on your view.)

Main point 3:

(This should be at least 5 sentences. This section is your call to action. How can the reader implement the ideas of this quotation in their life? Offer practical advice for school, work, community, daily practices, or other actions that can make this lesson valuable for the reader?s life.)


(This should be at least 4 sentences. Add a meaningful conclusion that summarizes the ideas and reinforces the thesis and interpretation of the quotation.)

Complete this format for analysis of one quotation, then complete it again for a second quotation

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