Intent or Motive, law homework help

Intent or Motive
Part 1 own paper

For this discussion, you will research
and then discuss how or why we would not as a best practice investigate
and even evaluate the psychological variables involved in all these cases
versus the court order or defense- or prosecution-generated referrals?

Compare and contrast what constitutes pathological
and requiring evaluation versus understood and not requiring evaluation
factors of this type of crime.

Discuss the possibility that it might be
detrimental having a forensic professional involved in these type of cases. Why
or why not?

Determine if the criminal justice system
accounts for a crime that starts as domestic violence or assault and results in
death differently from a crime when killing is the primary intent of the
initial crime. Is your determination detrimental to the offender or to the
protection of society?

Support your ideas with professional and
scholarly resources.

Part 2 own paper

Describe briefly the charges against the

Discuss the psychological theories
relevant to the case. For example, are there biological, developmental, or
environmental factors that could be applied to his or her criminal behavior?

Describe how psychological assessments or
evaluations were used in the criminal proceedings.

your ideas with professional and scholarly resources.

this 3 links

Jeffrey Dahmer articles:

Read Martens’s 2011 article, “Sadism Linked to Loneliness: Psychodynamic Dimensions of the
Sadistic Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer
from Psychoanalytic Review, volume 98, issue 4, pages 493?514.

Saborsky and Ramsland’s 2013 article, “Distance
Diagnosis: Can We Really Tell Whether Dahmer Had Asperger’s Disorder?
from Forensic Examiner, volume 22, issue 2, pages 42?48.

the 2014 article, “Serial Killers ? Part 7:
The FBI and Jeffrey Dahmer <>
from The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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