Keyword research

1. select a company to complete keyword research for. The company should be small, not the company like Amazon. please answer these questions:

  • Why did you pick that company?
  • Where should they focus on placing the new keywords you provided?
  • How would you explain to them the importance of keyword research?

At least 500 words, citing the articles. This one has two days to complete.

2. select company (of your choice in question 1) to conduct keyword research for. This company will be your ‘client’ for the remainder of the individual assignments and as the SEO professional you will need to provide them with 25 target keywords (15 Primary Keywords and 10 Secondary Keywords) you believe will help drive their SEO strategy along with:

  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Competition Level
  • Cost Per Click
  • Search Intent
  • Your reasoning for choosing each of the keywords
  • Make sure to identify which keywords are your primary and which are secondary

Use the excel file attached as the format. There are some free keyword tools at the end of the Powerpoint attached. This one has one more day to complete.

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