Format of journal entries: Please write a minimum of 300-350 words per entry. Entries for Journal 1 should be typed and posted as a single journal submissions to this Blackboard dropbox. Entries should either be single-spaced or use 1.5 spacing and be sub


Please respond to any 8 of the following 11 essays noted below and appearing as either 1) a selected reading posted to Blackboard, or 2) an anthologized essay in the texts assigned for this course. You are asked to write a minimum of 300 words per entry and share your response to the ideas presented by the author.

Course texts:
? Biguenet, John and Rainer Schulte (Eds.). The Craft of Translation. Chicago: U of Chicago Press,

? Biguenet, John and Rainer Schulte (Eds.). Theories of Translation: An Anthology of Essays from

Dryden to Derrida. Chicago: U of Chicago Press, 1992.
READINGS FOR JOURNAL 1 ? Due to Blackboard Friday, February 28, by midnight

  1. 1) ?NoTwoSnowflakesAreAlike?(Rabassa)
  2. 2) ?Introduction?toTheoriesofTranslation(Biguenet&Schulte)
  3. 3) ?TheProcessofTranslation?(Weaver)
  4. 4) ?Building a Translation, The Reconstruction Business: Poem 145 of Sor Juana Ines de laCruz? (Peden)
  5. 5) ?QuestfortheEssenceofLanguage?(Jakobson)
  6. 6) ?On Linguistic Aspects of Language? (Jakobson)
  7. 7) ?Language? (Heidegger)
  8. 8) ?TheIdeaofSilence?(Agamben)
  9. 9) ?TheIdeaofLanguage?(Agamben)
  10. 10) ?The Task of the Translator? (Benjamin)
  11. 11) ?Ziv, that light: Translation and Tradition of Paul Celan? (Felstiner)

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