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All papers must be in MLA format, including an MLA formatted title page, MLA page numbering, 1? margins, 12pt font, MLA Works Cited Page, and should be double-spaced. There is no excuse for submitting work that has not been appropriately formatted.   

All papers should be thesis-centered essays of 4-6 pages.  You must use at least one outside source in addition to the sources that are provided by this course. Any paper that does not meet the requirements as outlined by this assignment will result in a failing grade.

When using an outside source in a literary paper, you must ensure that your source is credible.  You may use literary journals, magazines, articles, newspapers, books, etc.  The most credible internet sources are usually .edu, .org, and .info.  Wikipedia, enotes, schmoop, cliffsnotes, and the like, are not credible sources.  Using these sources will result in an automatic failure for the paper.


 19th Century Henrik Ibsen and Higuchi Ichiyo

Like Thea Elevsted in Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, Oseki in Ichiyo’s The Thirteenth Night decides to leave her husband and child because she doesn’t want to live in domestic oppression.  Thea seeks creative fulfillment in collaborating with Lovborg on his manuscript.  How are we to understand this collaboration and Thea’s later alliance with Tesman? Has Thea simply found another kind of subservience?  Or is writing, as the link between Lovborg’s manuscript and a child suggests, a creative and fulfilling alternative to homemaking?  Why is Hedda unable to find a fulfilling way to live?  Does Oseki have any choices besides her marriage?  Why does she return to it?

* All sources used should be appropriately documented, including the materials provided by this course.

Henrik IbsenHedda Gabler




Higuchi Ichiyo “The Thirteenth Night”




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