An Unannounced Inspection assessment 8 case study help

SCENARIO # 1: An Unannounced Inspection

The Situation: An OSHA inspector arrives at your worksite requesting to talk with you about an inspection based on the health and safety complaints of a worker. You are in your office and the OSHA inspector is at the reception office. You know this worker to be a highly disgruntled individual who is constantly questioning all aspects of his job and the work environment. The area he works in is currently undergoing a major renovation for a process change for the product in the line, but it is still trying to produce the older version of the product at a lower volume than before. Your area supervisor is a competent individual, but he or she is working under a lot of stress with the changeover; therefore, you are only 80% sure that the claims listed in the complaint are groundless and without merit. The worker is also heavily involved in an effort to unionize the plant employees. In addition, your plant manager is in another state at corporate headquarters for some important meetings.

The Questions: How would you act, what actions should you take, and what would you do? Should you challenge the validity of the OSHA inspector’s request or their right to enter the workplace? Or should you request a warrant to enter the workplace and thereby gain some time to make sure everything is in order back in the plant? Can you gain any time to check with your in-area safety supervisor first? Or should you immediately comply with the request for the inspection? Explain your answers.

SCENARIO # 2: Serious Near-Miss Crane Incident

The Situation: You are the EH&S professional at your company’s shipyard. You have just received a call from a production supervisor that there has been a very serious near miss accident out in the assembly area. Your company is manufacturing the second Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) for the US Navy. This new generation high speed, trimaran design warship has been designed to carry out a wide range of tactical, combat, and support operations in the near-shore (littoral) environment. The project is over budget and has received a considerable amount of criticism for it. Successful completion of the project at this phase will be a prime determinant in whether or not your company can secure the very lucrative follow-up contracts for more LCSs. Everyone in the shipyard feels the pressure to complete this project ASAP.

Apparently a very large 20-ton overhead crane had some cables snap and has partially collapsed while trying to hoist a large section of the vessel into place for its final welding operation. When you arrive on scene, you see the section wedged overhead between some support beams and walkways. About a dozen hourly workers are scattered about as they leaped to safety after hearing the cables snap. There are many bumps, bruises and scratches on the workers, but they all are able to be treated internally at your nurse’s office. In this initial assessment, there appears to be no need for or request on the part of the employees to go to any outside medical consultant or hospital emergency room.

Almost immediately, you can hear the men complaining that the first attempt to lift the unit did not work, and the production engineer has decided to “jury rig” some extra cables to lift the unit into place. In addition, one individual said that they were trying to hoist about 28-30 tons, and that was just too much for the old crane. Another offered that the cables themselves had not been changed out in a couple of years, and that was against OSHA regulations. Everyone said that they could hear the unit groan and screech before the cables snapped and the crane partially collapsed.

Before you walk off with the supervisors to inspect the damage, one of the workers offers the opinion that this is an “imminent danger” situation. About 30 minutes later, you are meeting with the engineers and supervisors on one of the overhead platforms continuing your inspection of the damage when a supervisor comes up and tells you that he has heard that an hourly employee has just called OSHA and told them of the situation and that they used the term “imminent danger” in their conversation.

The Questions: What are your most important concerns? What should you do next? What information is the most critical for you to have right away? What directions would you give to the supervisors and engineers? When should you inform your facility manager, and what should you tell him/her? Should you meet with the hourly employees? What will you discuss with them? How will you handle the OSHA inspector should one show up in the next few hours? BOS 3525, Legal Aspects of Safety and Health 4

Instructions: For Scenario #1 AND #2, you are required to discuss a sequential Action Plan on your part that addresses all of the issues presented. Each scenario response must be at least 300 words in length. Your combined case study response must be at least three pages in length, not including the title and reference page. Your case study must be in APA format, including all references and in text citations.

APA Guidelines

CSU requires that students use APA style for papers and projects. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. Students can find CSU?s Citation Guide in the myCSU Student Portal by clicking on the “Citation Resources” link in the “Learning Resources” area of the myCSU Student Portal. This document includes examples and sample papers and provides information on how to contact the CSU Success


For Unit 8, you are to address both case study scenarios in one paper.  The paper should be a minimum of 500 to 600 words.  You will likely find that the paper will be longer than 600 words (or two pages) in order to adequately address both of the Case Scenarios.  You will need to address both scenarios in one Word document.  BlackBoard will only allow you to upload one document for this assignment. Again — Please note that you must address bothscenarios (Scenario #1 and Scenario #2) in this assignment.  If you only address one of the scenarios, you will only receive half-credit! (Please note that if you submit a paper that only addresses one scenario, I will not accept the other scenario after the fact simply because you failed to read this Announcement.)

Pay special attention to the ?The Questions? at the end of each scenario.  Make sure that you address all of the questions.  The key to a good grade on this paper is to address all of these questions.

Your paper is to be professionally written.  Check your paper for proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure before you submit it.  I would suggest writing your paper in a WORD document and check for grammar and spelling before submitting it. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

As an additional resource, I have attached below the checklist that I use when grading your papers.  Please use this checklist!!

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