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Part One: EAHCA Reflection. The Education of All Handicapped Children Act (EAHCA or EHA), or PL 94-142, ?was the first to mandate that schools provide education to students with disabilities? (Powell & Driver, 2013, Section 1.3). Reflect on how key aspects of this law such as FAPE, LRE, IEP, and due process will specifically impact you as a teacher or caregiver. What is your role in ensuring that each portion of this law is upheld in your classroom? What concerns do you have regarding your role and why?

Part Two: Interview Preparation. In preparation for the Week Two assignment, you will need to identify, reach out to, and confirm the contact information for the person you will interview.

  1. Research early childhood education programs in your area and/or online.
  2. Contact a professional at a preschool, Head Start, or Early Head Start program via email or phone, and inquire about the possibility of setting up an interview.
  3. Confirm a date and a time for the interview. The actual interview needs to be completed by the end of Week Two.

please do so for the los angeles, california area.

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