Five Year Marketing Plan For Dove :?8. Organization 9. Implementation Plan 10. Evaluation Plan

8. Organization

ï [Figure 3] The organization chart and staffing plan for Paradise Kitchens appears here.

ï It reflects the barebones organizational structure of successful small businesses.

ï Often a more elaborate marketing plan will show the new positions expected to be added as the firm grows.

ï Paradise Kitchens:

a. Operates with full-time employees in only essential positions.

b. Augments its full-time staff with key advisors, consultants, and subcontractors.

c. Will add people with special expertise to the staff as the firm grows.

9. Implementation Plan

ï The Implementation Plan shows how the company will turn its plan into results.

ï Charts are often used to set deadlines and assign responsibilities for the many tactical marketing decisions needed to enter a new market.

ï [Figure 4] Introducing Howlin? Coyote chilies to 17 new metropolitan markets:

a. Is a complex task.

b. Requires that creative promotional activities gain consumer awareness and initial trial.

ï Paradise Kitchens:

a. Will be in 20 metropolitan markets by 2022, including the three existing ones.

b. Is in 53 percent of the top 38 U.S. metropolitan markets.

ï The anticipated rollout schedule to enter these metropolitan markets appears in Figure 4.

ï The diverse regional tastes in chili:

a. Will be monitored carefully to?

b. Assess whether minor modifications may be required in the chili recipes.

ï As the rollout to new metropolitan areas continues, Paradise Kitchens?

a. Will assess manufacturing and distribution trade-offs to?

b. Determine whether to start new production with selected high-quality regional contract packers.

10. Evaluation Plan

ï The essence of evaluation is:

a. Comparing actual sales with the targeted values set in the plan.

b. Taking appropriate actions.

ï Note that the section:

a. briefly describes a contingency plan for alternative actions?

b. Depending on how successful the entry into a new market turns out to be.

ï Monthly sales targets in cases have been set for Howlin? Coyote chili for each metropolitan area.

ï Actual case sales will be compared with these targets and tactical marketing programs modified to reflect the unique sets of factors in each metropolitan area.

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