heredity, prenatal development and birth

I want to respond to two peers on nature vs, nurture;

1. Nature and Nurture both play very important roles in a persons development , While nature is the one that is one that you are born with nurture can be seen as what you eventually become.For me nurture plays a bigger role because it sometimes modifies some of our developments that happened as a function of Nature. For example children born to obese parents do not necessarily have to turn out obese if properly nurtured with the right nutrition from inception.

Our ability to want to strive for perfection and be a better person happen to be one of best features.”one of the really important things to recognize is that we are the only animal in some sense capable of overcoming our evolution history, we can change our outcomes”. This interesting piece in the article “one in three men have violence gene” by Elly Brown and John Dovan is proof that we have the power to overcome by seeking knowledge,picking up positive characters and setting the right goals. For instance even if you were born by alcohol addicts people will naturally assume you will be like your parents and maybe even violent but through conscious efforts it is possible that children born to such parents will rise above and turn out far better than children raised in a more balanced home.

For me i believe nurture played a huge role in my development because even though i was born in a broken home i did not give up on marriage and even though my mum was not married for a long time she nurtured us to believe in the institution and put on on the right path molding my sister and i into wonderful mothers.

2.While many factors can influence a person?s development, I believe nurture plays a bigger role than nature. For example, I have two boys, both live in the same house, same parents and have the same rules. My oldest however is very sensitive and fearful. Whereas my youngest is independent, fearless and far from sensitive. I believe these characteristics have a lot to do with the nurture side of their development in the early stages of infant through toddler. With my oldest son I was a very helicopter mom until my other son was born about three years later. I never allowed my oldest to get hurt or do things for himself. Which has led him to struggle with leaving my side. My youngest son however I did not helicopter. I let him try things for himself, get hurt and use his words to communicate. He is now a very active four-year-old that has no problem running off on the playground to play with other kids.

Luckily, individuals do not have to stay where they are and can grow and develop throughout life. I found it interesting in the warrior gene article and video McDermott said, ?One of the really important things to recognize is that we are the only animal in some sense capable of overcoming our evolutionary history. We can think about it. We can change our outcomes? (Brown and Donvan, 2010). As you see, we have a choice in our individual outcomes and how to handle everyday situations.

When it comes to my development, I believe nurture had a huge part in it or lack thereof. My household growing up was very critical and strict. All things had to be perfect and never less than. Now in adulthood I struggle with being critical towards myself and wanting everything to be perfect. The only difference between my parents and myself is I see these issues and try to correct them they best way I can.

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