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I need help completing this assignment as I have unexpected illness effecting my ability to finish this class before I can take leave.  It is based on personal experience – but at this point I need to turn something in rather than not complete the assignment.  I have attached the previous assignments, from which you can draw upon to complete this assignment.  I only need it to be 3-4 pages.

Milestone Four of your final project is now based on a workplace analysis. You should use your previous milestone submissions regarding the case study to inform your workplace analysis. This milestone considers actual work experience and asks you to conduct a detailed and in-depth version of the root cause analysis applied to your own workplace experience.

Prompt: This milestone will cover Sections IV, Parts A, B, and C of the final project and should include the following critical elements:

IV. Workplace Analysis

a) Explain actual workplace organizational issues drawing from your own experience.

b) Analyze root causes from a human behavior perspective and validate the analysis with supportive research evidence.

c) Examine the impact of poorly aligned and administrated human behavior theories and concepts.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper should be submitted as a 3?4-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New

Thank you so much for your help!

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