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The current web browser I am using now is Google Chrome like many other people I heard about the security and efficiency of the program and decided to download it. I currently have Norton anti-virus protection on my laptop as well. My Norton has a safe web search option that turns my google chrome into a different web browser called “Safe Search” and allows me to go in the internet with my VPN protected and less danger of malware, spyware, etc. I also have internet explorer on my laptop but I never use it due to google chrome and safe search being more effective and safer. I could use the internet explorer if I wanted to due to the protection I get from my Norton anti-virus, but I decide not to take the chance at introducing my laptop to any viruses. I feel that my laptop and web browsers are as secure as they can be at this time and I wouldn’t make any changes. If I didn’t have the protection of Norton that would be a different story, I would probably still stick to Google Chrome definitely.

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