two replies for a discussion post

I need a comments to these discssions :

1. Social media is a strapping component of the IMC Mix and plays a significant role. Consumers who undertake to engross with the firm and its commodities communicate a level of interest that undersellers can’t determine via ancient media. Social media can offer a party line for a business and its products to convey in ordinary ways with consumers and customers. The firm has total command over the medium; thus, content is curated.

2. Mr. Guerra, your snow machine invention is an invention that changed the movie and theme park industry. Even though you did patent your invention later, you should not have brought it in public before you did. It is important to make sure you get a patent for any of your inventions before you go out in public or publish online because you risk your idea being stolen. According to, ?If money sits in front of you on the table and someone runs up and takes it, that?s called theft. It?s illegal. But if you publicly reveal your invention without filing for a patent first, someone who copies it is not considered a thief, but rather considered a smart business person.?

There are many inventors that have made inventions that are used all around the world, that have had their ideas stolen. The easiest way to stop this is to file for a patent. You do not even need a lawyer to file the patent for you. says, ?A patent gives you the right to litigate against another party whom you believe is infringing upon your patent.? A patent is the only way you can prove, an idea or invention is yours. I do understand why you did not file for one though. You wanted to make a child with leukemia day better which is completely understandable. Thankfully, no one stole your amazing idea for your Snowman invention

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