What is Drug Abuse?

Content Review


  • Respond to each item. Each response should be concise and between 2?3 paragraphs in length.
  • Use MS Word to write your responses, and submit your answers to all three questions in one Word document.
  • Copy and paste each question into the document, so your Instructor can see which questions you are answering.
  1. Explain what depression is. Then, identify and describe at least three signs of depression in adolescents, and two strategies professionals can use to help adolescents cope with depression.
  2. Identify and briefly explain at least three trends related to prescription drug abuse by adolescents. In addition, describe at least two reasons why teens might abuse prescription drugs more readily than illegal drugs, such as cocaine or heroin.
  3. Explain what non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is and identify at least two factors that might increase an adolescent?s risk of engaging in NSSI.

Discussion 1: Adolescent Drug Abuse

In this Discussion, you will consider your own opinion on this issue. Reflect on the following:

Elliott, E., Souder, C., Privette, T., & Richardson, W. (2008). Teen prescription drug abuse: A national epidemic. Clinician Reviews, 18(11), 18?23.

Guarino, M. (2010, March 11). Teens and drugs: After a long decline, drug use climbs. Christian Science Monitor, p. N.PAG.

With these thoughts in mind, follow the instructions below to post your response to this Discussion topic.

Post a description of your thoughts on the fairness and effectiveness of school drug-testing programs for adolescents. Explain why you do or do not believe school leaders have the right to implement drug-testing programs as well as why you think such measures do or do not represent an effective strategy for preventing and treating drug abuse among teens. If you do not believe drug-testing is effective, identify and explain at least one alternate strategy that you think would be effective. Be sure to use the Learning Resources to support your thinking.

Discussion 2: Adolescent Depression and Suicide

In this Discussion, you will reflect on factors that might contribute to depression and suicide among teens, as well as consider how these issues might best be addressed with adolescents. Reflect on the following:



With these thoughts in mind, follow the instructions below to post your response to this Discussion topic:

Post an explanation of your thoughts on the factors that contribute most to rates of adolescent depression and suicide in the U.S. Then, describe at least three specific strategies that you think adults who care for or work with adolescents might take to reduce rates of depression and prevent suicide among teens. Be sure to use the Learning Resources to support your thinking.

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