Write two poems, then write a brief self-assessment for each poem. Eng 294 homework help


Your task: Write two poems, then write a brief self-assessment for each poem.

Write the best poems you can. Revise them. Move things around.
Fiddle a little. In the end, submit masterpieces. Yes, this is a
difficult task, but you’re up to it.

It doesn’t matter if you have written poetry before. It doesn’t
matter if you love poetry.The goal here is to develop your poetic
vocabulary as a writer, to demonstrate an understanding of course
concepts and an ability to apply them. (People spend a lifetime writing
and perfecting poems. We will be spending two weeks! I am not grading
you on the literary merit of your work, but I expect to see a lot of
fine work.)

Here are some guidelines:

  • One poem should be free verse, and one should follow a formal structure.
  • You’ll want to read about what free verse means as well as
    formal structure. I recommend Part 3 in Anderson and the Poetry course
  • You’ll also want to read a lot of poems to have something to
    spark you, something as an example, something to mortivate you,
    something to teach you. Check out the oodles of poems in Anderson, the
    volumes of poetry at PoetryFoundation.org, or the resources at Poetry.org.
  • Poetry can be about any aspect of the human existence. Poems
    can be about huge topics: Love! War! Death! Poems can be about
    inconsequential things: A memory. Your shoelaces. Toothpaste.
  • Don’t fret. Write.
  • Each poem should have a title.
  • Your self-assessment requires you to think analytically about your creative work.

Your self-assessments should consider the following questions in detail separately for each poem:

Why did I write this?

  • Read the poem aloud. What do I notice?
  • What do I want readers to get from this poem?
  • What risks did I take? Did they pay off?

How have I done well?

  • What do I like best about my poem and why?
  • What do I believe will be most memorable for my readers?
  • Whose work did I read that influenced this poem?

How can I improve?

  • If I had more time, what else would I do with this poem?
  • What is the worst part of the poem? Why didn’t I change it?
  • With what do I need help to improve this poem?

The self-assessment should be narrative prose, not simply a list of responses to these questions. Your
poems and self assessments should be submitted to the Assignments area
of LEO as a single document. Make sure to clearly identify the genre of
each poem.

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