Miami University Importance of Culture on Children Development Discussion


Question : ———-Only use the source from the website and book I provide

We have discussed the importance of culture as a significant influence on a child’s development alongside biological components. Consider the quotation: “from the earliest hours of life, cultural conceptions of what children are and what the future holds for them influence the way parents interpret their children’s behavior and shape their experience.”

Explain this quotation in the context of what you have learned in this module (10pts)

Use key terms from course resources as part of your explanation. Be sure to explain the nature(heredity)/nurture(environment) relationship and the role of parents/caregivers in shaping the lives of their children.

Then, give an example of how culture can shape how a child develops (10pts).

You may use an example from your own experience or what you have observed in others, but you MUST explain them in detail for full credit.

This explanation should include the specific cultural influence AND resulting consequences of that influence.




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