RELG300 Norwich University Week 8 Religious Radicalism Discussion


Pick ONE of the questions below to answer for the discussion post in APA format with 200-300 words.

1. List the major ways that religion in the late 20th/ early 21st Century U.S. has evolved. Explain why Spirituality has emerged as a popular choice of belief and practice for Americans. How do you see this being expressed in our social behavior? In our political development?

2. Give examples of the traditions of organized faiths that are incorporated into aspects of Spirituality as a belief system. Describe how this assimilation of practices affects our perceptions of practitioners of mainstream religions and how you expect it will influence international relationships and political organization in the United States over the coming decades.

3. Do you agree or disagree with the following premise: “As societies move away from organized religion into less structured beliefs systems, extremism will be less common and there will be fewer civil and international conflicts.” Clearly define and defend your argument.

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